About Us

Keeping you fueled

 Never be out of fuel again with Buy Rite Fuels, LLC fuel management system. We offer tank- level monitoring ensuring  you always have the fuel you need to complete your projects on-track.  Our state-of-the-art system will not only alert us, but you as well when  you are running low on fuel and we’ll automatically set up your  delivery, taking the hassle out of monitoring your own tank. Let us take  care of it for you-- that’s why we are here!

Keep track of you fuel in Rochester and across the country if needed


 1. Use a key fob or have a key tag installed on the unit to be filled, with an auto activate box
2. The key fob or key tag alerts the control box which unit it is and what type of fuel it need 

3. Your employee needs to enter an ID code, which is designed for that particular employee
4. When the employee code is active, the control box asks for the hours and mileage
5. After the mileage and hours are entered, the correct pump will be activated.

Office Friendly

After the fueling is complete, the pump turns off and automatically sends all the information about the transaction to the office computer.